History of Dadaism

May 11, 2022


Los angeles Couille Gauche de Napoleon

Around 1821, from the Isle of St. Helene in Atlantic Ocean, one Dr. Francesco Antommarchi is thought to have snipped the contained appendage from still-warm corpse for the former Emperor of France.

This resource ended up being recently found one of the doctor’s possessions by a remote cousin inside Corsica and supplied on the market from the international marketplace.

The Museum of Un-Natural record has acquired stated artifact for feasible purchase depending on the outcomes of carbon screening and DNA evaluation. It's shortly to-be on special show.

Una Leda dadaísta de Gerald Matthews

After is a translation of a current post from a weblog by Mariana López Ávalos, a Latin American fan associated with Museum. Your blog is focused on the many artistic renderings of Leda and also the Swan, “Leda y el Cisne” (translation through the initial Spanish kindly performed by Professor Celia Weller of Whitman College).

Leda is redefined by every singer which confronts the lady. Lines, forms, colors, principles, three proportions, collages . . . atlanta divorce attorneys sort of idea and format Leda gives us the very best of herself, including through an object as utilitarian and pragmatic as a box. Whenever one seeks to innovate all is valid, whenever one seeks to innovate with an express should search for various and coherent definitions, syntax, and grammer, one goes into the terrain of items, space and visual. There we find, within odd host to inverted syntax and brand-new grammer — which paradox, sarcasm plus, in certain cases, happines prevails — the task of Gerald Matthews.

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