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August 22, 2016
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"The Cover-up"

Even although you’ve never been aware of Erik Johansson, it's likely that you’ve already run into one of his surrealistic masterpieces on the web. The Swedish-born image artist utilizes both real items and special retouching ways to develop fantastical globes which every little thing seems feasible.

Erik currently life in Berlin in which he’s steadily working on their amazingly innovative picture tasks, making an astonishing level of work and offering an amazing TED Talk before striking his thirties.

The Creators Project: are you able to inform us in regards to the imaginative procedure behind making these pictures?

Erik Johansson: for me personally, it's basically just issue solving whenever I’m trying to make an image. It always begins with a thought and then i recently need type of learn how to translate that concept into a picture. Every picture is comprised of various components and because i usually wish might work to appear because practical possible, we shoot all of those components independently with my camera rather than use CGI. So in my own work, I’m constantly trying to find out where and exactly how I am able to capture all different elements that comprise a work.

It can take equally as much time and energy to do something in true to life since it does wanting to "fake it" in Photoshop, so I simply believed it might be more fun to get it done for real. And as you utilize actual pictures, nobody is able to ever before tell you it cann’t look realistic, which for me is essential. eventually, i enjoy the contrast to be in country taking the photographs and then coming to the city and putting it together. I enjoy combine both components.

Apart from the spectacular artistic result, what other communications will you be wanting to communicate along with your photography?

There's maybe not some concealed meaning or something like that as possible figure out by looking at the pictures. It’s more about the artistic components of all of it, and images mirror the thing I was thinking.

Thus I guess it's more as much as the audience to start to see the message in that feeling. Once I would read youngsters' publications as a young child, I hardly ever read the text. I simply desired to consider the images and produce my own tale. People should be able to do the exact same with my images. We just want to provide a title and not chat a lot of towards message regarding the image.

"Let's Keep"

"Face Fist"

What inspires your projects? Any certain sources, specifically?

Determination can basically originate from anywhere. It’s about seeing connections between things that normally don’t fit collectively. Including, We have this work in which you see high-voltage cables that come across a guitar. That idea emerged by simply viewing it and thinking: Hey, those could possibly be electric guitar strings. That has been the way the idea was born. It may be that easy often.

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