Surrealism Worksheets

September 20, 2021
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Lesson Goals

  • Discover the elements of address and training with them to construct Surrealist phrases
  • Describe and evaluate a-work of Surrealist art
  • Experiment with collage practices

Key Terms:

  • Surrealist
  • exquisite
  • corpse
  • transfixed
  • collage

Instructional Products

  • Pencil
  • Report
  • Place worksheet (included right here)
  • Mags
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Task One

  • Review with pupils the parts of an address and determine a sentence structure for the online game. (like, article + adjective/noun/verb/adjective/noun.)
  • Divide students into groups of five and possess each group create unique Exquisite Corpse phrase by using these tips:
  1. Instruct one student in each group to publish the very first word or words associated with phrase (article + adjective) at the top of some paper. She or he should then fold the sheet of paper over to hide the written term and pass it to another person.
  2. Next individual should fill in next section of speech (a noun), hide it, and pass the paper to the next individual.
  3. Whenever first round has-been completed, open the documents and browse the phrases aloud, making certain all teams make use of the proper parts of address. The outcome tend to be unusual and humorous!

Task Two

  1. Eventually Transfixed, Magritte pushed items into irrational interactions by depicting a train growing from a hearth. Show students the image and discuss why the painting is uncommon, asking:
  • Exactly what do you realy see?
  • What kind of a-room is this?
  • What is out-of-place?
  • What sort of lines are employed when you look at the photo? Directly or curved?
  • Do you realy see various designs? Exactly what are they?
  • Is the artwork complete or vacant? Just what takes up most of the room?
  • Do the things inside artwork seem to be going or nonetheless?
  • Is the picture serious or lighthearted?
  • Using the worksheet provided, have actually students cut fully out objects from publications and create their Magritte-inspired area.


Base students’ assessment to their capability to recognize and employ the parts of speech as well as on their demonstrated comprehension of maxims in art such line, texture, , and mood.


collage (n)
based on the French verb coller ("to glue"): a work of art made by sticking bits of paper, newsprint, pictures, textile, or any other products onto a flat backing. Collages usually feature painted passages.

composition (n)

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