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December 24, 2015
Style surrealism fine art

Dutch fashion designer Yvette Yang has established a typeface by combining pictures from fashion periodicals.

Yang repeats the collage task, labeled as Fashion Font, every six months for each new fashion season.

Here's some text from Yvette Yang:

I'm Yvette Yang, a graphic fashion designer as well as a master student from St. Joost, the Netherlands.

I have already been creating 'Fashion Font' per period (twice annually) since 2007, and there are currently 5 units of Fashion Font within my collection now.

'Fashion Font' ended up being made with the photos of style things from each different period, so as the archive piles up, entire font collection reveals the style record aswell.

Generally speaking font is simply a word or becomes a sentence or a paragraph with regards to’s added, therefore it provides a tale and a message. But font itself doesn't have function of delivering messages without reading it.

I really believe image is message. Thus I attempted to make an Image Font and that can be much more imagery and more significant. So font can show messages without reading, without placing alphabetical purchase.

we amassed imaged from style collection books and publications, and did collage work. Collage which will be Surrealism method tends to make visitors to obtain additional imagination and enriches their particular sensory faculties. Fashion can be aesthetically really attractive, and tends to make people to imagine wearing in really.

Clothing and wearable accessories have their own unique forms, so it had been a very interesting strive to use these pictures regarding collage. Some pictures were so incredibly turned out, more than my hope, eg “M” and “V”.

When I used just 2007 fashion collection photos, this font is truly showing the particular time of manner trend. It should be a behind trend the following year, and will also be a brief history 10~20 years later. Nonetheless it are going to be nevertheless saying “i will be 2007 F/W” by a unique design. That’s the message.

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