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June 10, 2022
Neo-Surrealism Worlds of

Neo Surrealism by Dan MountfordAccording to Charley Parker through the Lines and Colours Blog; “Neo-Surrealism is an even more free and broadly applied term, accustomed make reference to several creative designs that started to appear round the sixties and 1970s that included aesthetic elements just like or borrowed from Surrealism.Salvador Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory' While these types integrate dream-like and oddly juxtaposed imagery, they have been rarely centered on real aspirations, and there's minimum focus on the first Surrealist principle of automatism.” Neo Surrealist art is quite familiar to other immersing types like; secret realism, dream art and visionary art.

Below Uk graphic designer and professional photographer, Dan Mountford has brought his two abilities and created hyper practical vector creations which will have you questioning truth. An excellent exemplory case of the way the fantasy world shines through Neo-surrealism.

There were even more rigid rules surrounding the style and style of early surrealism whereas neo-surrealism and modern surrealism includes different formats, products, techniques and subjects. While the very early surrealistic ideas continue to be in works of several important designers nowadays, numerous others are suffering from an aesthetic concept affected by the languages associated with telematic resources for the public. Surrealist musicians now not only have real resources but have digital tools to create their works much more real and more consciously difficult than ever before. Therefore surrealism today is simply art that looks so genuine it falls under the label ‘realism’ which entertains a few ideas that are so inverted they can only be real in our subconscious. Skys maybe not the limitation.

a bit from Igor Morski's Nature show. Igor Morski's 'El Hurgador' copil-620x620 cal
Slating (2014) (Surreal Neo-noir short by Aldwin Reinarch)
Slating (2014) (Surreal Neo-noir short by Aldwin Reinarch)
Neosurrealism Art credits4 George Grie Andreas
Neosurrealism Art credits4 George Grie Andreas ...
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