Quotes on Surrealism

July 23, 2015
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a musician whoever work melded poetry, cinema, and dreams, Luis Buñuel would have been 115 years of age on the weekend. Through the premiere of Un chien andalou, their 1929 hushed surrealist brief film written with Salvador Dalí, Buñuel filled their pockets with stones to guard himself in case a fight broke aside throughout the testing. He anticipated viewers to react negatively to his stark pictures of a woman’s attention becoming slit available (in fact compared to a dead calf). In a 1967 interview, Buñuel was asked if he still shows up to his screenings at the ready, pockets filled with rocks. “At that time, we transported the rocks never to guard my film but to defend our ideas, the team’s a few ideas, ” he responded. In special event of Buñuel’s intuitive ideas, here are 25 quotes from the filmmaker about life, art, cinema, and aspirations.

Luis Buñuel

“i really like hopes and dreams, even when they’re nightmares, that will be often the case. My aspirations are filled with similar hurdles, nonetheless it doesn’t matter. My amour fou for desires on their own as I distributed to the surrealists. Un chien andalou came to be associated with encounter between my goals and [Salvador Dalí]’s. Later on, I brought the ambitions directly into my films, attempting since hard as I could in order to avoid any evaluation. ‘Don’t be concerned if movie’s too-short, ’ I once informed a Mexican producer. ‘I’ll simply devote a dream.’ He was not impressed.”

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