Surreal Backgrounds

September 15, 2015
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1.This few days I made a decision to make the idea of a pc backgrounds and obtain somewhat innovative along with it. Utilizing the backgrounds of my laptop, iPad and iPhone i possibly could reproduce my environment producing these unique images.

I am hoping you like these photos as far as I liked creating them.

I desired to relax and play with the proven fact that technology is becoming the centre of your everyday lives. Less much less we visit our environments for motivation alternatively depending on our screens to supply all the motivation we are in need of. I wanted to provide this idea in one single picture by placing the instant surrounding on a screen eliminating the requirement to interact with what exactly is around us. Not only does this get rid of the dependence on our environments but inaddition it helps strip away the thought of identification and who our company is.

I wanted to generate captions for them but was pretty dissatisfied with every little thing I ended up with. Please place your ‘Caption’ some ideas when you look at the responses below I would love to know your ideas.

2.5 innovative back ground Photographs

Does technology unveil more about us or simply give us a location to hide?

Basically was not here the plants would remain and I could benefit from the flowers back at my screen in the home. Performs this reduce the want to in fact go through the breeze when I go through the plants and also I accepted a watered down knowledge?

3.exactly what could the caption for this picture be? Please place ideas when you look at the remarks below.

Just what could the caption with this image be? Please place some ideas inside responses below.

So…. Exactly what would your captions be?


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I would want to understand what the photography community is as much as and what you would like a lot more of. Go ahead and share this post with anybody or compose a comment below telling my your thoughts, I always write back once again to every person.

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Surreal Backgrounds 6
Surreal Backgrounds 6
Cube Dream [Electronic, Surreal, Background]
Cube Dream [Electronic, Surreal, Background]
Surreal Swells Motion Background
Surreal Swells Motion Background
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