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August 21, 2021
House of Fools. Surreal jokes

set of chattering teethlisted below are a number much more call center jokes that individuals were sent in. In the event that you come across a great one please fall us a line.

Surreal joke

Consumer: “i wish to obtain the brand new Netscape from you folks.”
Tech Support: “I’ll need to charge your bank account $30.”
Client: “What do you realy suggest? I purchase this service.”
Tech Support: “We’re supplying the registered type of Netscape. Netscape fees united states, therefore we must charge a fee.”
Client: “perfectly, my boy is a socialist and I also invested annually in Spain.
What do you have to tell that?”
Tech Support: Uh….
Customer: “I was thinking therefore.” [click]

Buyer: “How a great deal does it price to Bath on the train?”
Operator: “If you can get your own feet inside sink, it’s no-cost.”

WordPerfect customer care

(related (keywords: jokes)this might be rather a classic one, that's been available for a couple of years, but is certainly one of my favourite jokes.
Tech: “Ridge Hall computer associate; could I assist you to?”
Customer: “Yes, really, I’m having trouble with WordPerfect.”
Tech: “What sort of difficulty?”
Buyer: “Well, I was only typing along, and all of a sudden the words moved away.”
Tech: “Went away?”
Buyer: “They vanished.”
Tech: “Hmm. So what does your display look like today?”
Client: “Nothing.”
Tech: “Nothing?”
Client: “It’s empty; it won’t take any such thing whenever I type.”
Tech: “Are you still in WordPerfect, or did you get-out?”
Consumer: “How do I inform?”
Tech: “Can the thing is that the “C” prompt in the screen?”
Buyer: “What’s a sea-prompt?”
Tech: “Never mind. Could You move the cursor around regarding screen?”
Buyer: “There isn’t any cursor: I said, it won’t accept everything I type.”
Tech: “Does your monitor have an electrical signal?”
Client: “What’s a monitor?”
Tech: “It’s the one thing using the screen onto it that looks like a TV. Are there some light that lets you know when it’s on?”
Consumer: “we don’t know.”
Tech: “Well, after that look regarding straight back associated with the monitor and find in which the power cord switches into it. Are You Able To observe that?”
Consumer: “…Yes, I think therefore.”
Tech: “Great! Follow the cord into the plug, and let me know if it is plugged into the wall surface.”
Buyer: “…Yes, it is.”
Tech: “once you were behind the monitor, do you notice that there have been two cables plugged into the back of it, not only one?”
Client: “No.”
Tech: “Really, you can find. I need that look right back here once again and discover another cable.”
Buyer: “…Okay, right here it really is.”
Tech: “Follow it for me personally, and let me know if it is connected firmly into the straight back of computer.”
Client: “I can’t attain.”
Tech: “Uh huh. Really, could you see if it's?”
Client: “No.”
Tech: “Even in the event that you possibly put your leg on something and lean means over?”
Consumer: “Oh, it’s perhaps not because we don’t possess right angle-it’s because it’s dark.”
Tech: “Dark?”
Buyer: “Yes-the office light is off, while the only light I have is coming in through the screen.”
Tech: “perfectly, switch on work light then.”
Client: “I can’t.”
Tech: “No? Why Don't You?”
Customer: “Because there’s an electric outage.”
Tech: “A power… a power outage? Aha! fine, we’ve started using it licked now. Can You have the containers and guides and loading things your pc arrived in?”
Customer: “Really, yes, we keep them within the dresser.”
Tech: “Good! Go get them, and unplug one's body and pack it up the same as it absolutely was whenever you first got it. After That go on it back to the store you purchased it from.”
Client: “Really? Is it that bad?”
Tech: “Yes, I’m afraid it really is.”
Customer: “perfectly, all right after that, perhaps. What do We let them know?”
Tech: “Tell them you’re also stupid to own some type of computer.”

Caller: “I’d just like the range the Argoed Fish Bar in Cardiff, kindly.”
“I’m sorry, there’s no listing. Is the spelling correct?”
Caller: “perfectly, it once was called the Bargoed Fish club but the ‘B’ dropped down.”
Listed Here Is an old laugh, but certainly one of my favourites –

Tech help: constantly they’re obtainable

One day a guy calls technology help. That Is a little like just how it moved…

Customer: hello?

Tech support team: hello

Consumer: yeah, my glass owner smashed and my computer system is still under guarantee, and so I
would like to get it replaced.

Technical Support: ummm cup owner?

Consumer: yeah cup owner…

Technical Support: ummm do you have it with a promotional provide?

Customer: no

Tech support team: umm are you currently sure you got suitable business?

Customer: yeah

Tech support team: Ummm… i ‘m sorry easily seem perplexed, because Im.

Customer: well it’s square, also it’s on the front side for the computer system, also it happens once you hit a switch…

At this stage the Tech help guy had to put the guy on hold so he could
complete laughing…

The guy had damaged their CD-ROM drive, thinking it absolutely was a cup holder.
The following is a funny story that i discovered on another website

One thing that features always bugged me personally, and I’m sure it will almost all of you,
will be sit back on dinning table simply to be interrupted by a phone
telephone call from a telemarketer. I made the decision, on one such celebration, to attempt to
be as annoying to them while they were if you ask me. This call
been from AT&T also it moved something like this:

Me: Hello
AT&T: Hello, it is AT&T…
Me personally: Is this AT&T?
AT&T: Yes, this might be AT&T…
Me personally: That Is AT&T?
AT&T: Yes This is AT&T…
Me personally: Is It AT&T?
AT&T: sure! This can be AT&T, can I talk to Mr. Byron kindly?
Me personally: May I ask who's phoning?
AT&T: It Is AT&T.
Me personally: okay, hold on.

At this time I place the phone down for a solid five minutes
convinced that, clearly, this person might have hung up the
phone. I ate my salad. Much to my shock, whenever I selected

Surreal knock knock jokes
Surreal knock knock jokes
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