Surreal Landscape Paintings

December 21, 2021
Surreal Landscape Painting

Paris-based artist Jung-Yeon Min paints fantastic, dreamlike surroundings that are both beautiful and intriguingly grotesque. Playing with kind, room, perspective, and scale, the Korean-born musician utilizes acrylic on fabric to generate surreal scenes filled up with warped expanses of land, towering natural life, and fleshy appendages that sprawl and twine like vines or tentacles. Min's paintings, which blend Western and Eastern looks, invite the viewer to explore a world because alluring as it's frightening.

"we consider that people live nowadays in a consistent exchange between your genuine together with virtual, " says the musician. "For me it's some sort of modern-day Surrealism, anytime my works appear to be 'traditional' Surrealism, the idea behind it is for some reason different." Indeed, Min's bizarre globes think of the desolate, altered landscapes contained in works like Salvador Dalí's plus .

As for the small figures that often appear, Alice in Wonderland-like, in her paintings, Min stocks, "The person within my paintings is usually me. I take advantage of myself very first for explanations of convenience, because I’m alone who knows exactly the sorts of pose to use in my own art. However it’s also me personally because my paintings tell about my entire life."

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Oil Surreal Landscape Painting by ThadTaylorArt
Oil Surreal Landscape Painting by ThadTaylorArt
Painting a Surreal Landscape
Painting a Surreal Landscape
Surreal landscape Firefly & Earth, speed painting w
Surreal landscape Firefly & Earth, speed painting w ...
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