Surreal clouds

August 15, 2014
Wow. Surreal clouds

LGBTQ few standing together before Do-it-yourself cloud wedding backgroundLast few days we began our large scale wedding background series, and then we revealed the finest previously no-sew image booth style background. Today? We’re performing clouds. Amazing magical clouds. Is it my favorite thing we’ve ever made for APW in entire six-plus many years we’ve posted your website? UM. Yes. It's. If you are allowed to hang things at your wedding location, you really need to essentially try this and stop worrying all about all of the little stuff for decoration. You want bonkers-amazing go big or go back home? That is IT. And with the help of our individual wedding designer Michelle Edgemont, whom we travelled from Brooklyn, we have a straightforward magical cloud-making guide available.


  • This takes nearly no creative skill to make, just time and hot glue. Everyone can do so.
  • The prettiest things I’ve ever made.
  • Very easy to transfer. These clouds look big, but they’re pretty squishy, and you’ll do all of the last fluffing on-site, which means you don’t have to worry about damaging them in transit.


  • You need beams, or something to hang these clouds from, and authorization to hold things at your venue. Sadly, there is certainlyn’t a good way around this reality.
  • Slightly boring and time intensive to make, if very easy. In addition I got a pretty bad hot glue burn making these, because I’m type of a klutz.
  • This takes a fair level of space to move (the clouds aren't tiny). But they’re less fragile than you’d think, since the majority of the genuine fluffing occurs after you hang all of them.
  • To actually make these clouds look magical, and never like huge cotton fiber baseball craft jobs, you ought to get upon a ladder at your site and tease and puff the balls to check like real clouds. This involves a ladder, someone who’s not scared to climb up on it, and about an hour. (If you’re making a lot more clouds, kindly provide for more folks on ladders, or even more time.)
Absolutely Surreal Metallic Green/Blue Hologram Clouds!! 4
Absolutely Surreal Metallic Green/Blue Hologram Clouds!! 4 ...
Pushkar overcast with dark clouds: Surreal Rajasthani Monsoon
Pushkar overcast with dark clouds: Surreal Rajasthani Monsoon
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