Surreal Nature Photography

April 6, 2022
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Introduction about Magdalena

Wasiczek Magdalena, came to be in Trzebinia, POLAND. A graduate of Ukrainian Philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Pursues her imaginative interests in the area of nature photography, macro photography and generating original paintings of this all-natural globe. Of this type she worked out her own poetic and majestic design.

Quickly she became an influential figure, appearing brand-new styles in macro photography. She offered the woman run a few solo and team events in Poland and abroad (United Kingdom, Russia, Germany).

she's got received numerous recognitions and won numerous prizes in photographic competitions in Poland and abroad, including tournaments underneath the auspices of intercontinental companies, FIAP and PSA.

She's got in addition published her works in lot of photographic magazines, such: Digital Foto-Video, Foto-Kurier, digicam in UK and Poland, Amateur Photographer, Nature’s Best Photographer( USA), MIDA Poland, “Photographer” (Russian and Ukrainian version), Camerapixo as well as in a great many other magazines, calendars and records, for instance the Global Garden Photographer, Better Plant and outdoors photographer, outdoors Design Magazine ( American), Photobook 2010 of In Pursuit of the Sublime 2010 and past 2011, Nature’s Best Photography 2010 and 2011 ( American), most readily useful of Photography 2010and 2011 in Photographer’s Forum mag( USA), Vogue Italy.

In 2012 she won the tittle of Overseas outdoors Photography of the season.

Just how do you pick nature photography?

Photographer raising understanding into the beauty of nature in my opinion, I’ve discovered to see things invisible, to take pleasure from a million little details, which previously didn't consider. To start with, it became my life-style while the cure for many evils. I actually do not understand whom or why, what strength created the globe that surrounds us. I understand it is an unusual and fascinating in just about every littlest detail that is a miracle.

Your photographs are very surreal and stands between Fine-art & photographer. might you please clarify?

My method of looking at the globe, then the shooting stemmed from a painting fascination. Before we began photographing, I liked to-draw, color, I quickly changed just an instrument, in the place of brushes and pencils. We begun to make use of the lenses and I also discovered to use their optical properties to achieve the desired effects. But, I am not a tremendously “technical” and my pictures are not “technical” because photography for me is not only only glass and attention normally experiencing and belief. I suppose it isn't my priority showing society the method its. There are numerous various other professional photographers that do it a lot better than me.

Abstract/Surreal Photography - A Level Final Pieces Collection
Abstract/Surreal Photography - A Level Final Pieces Collection
Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising
Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising
Surreal Nature Scene at Sunset - Past, Present or Future?
Surreal Nature Scene at Sunset - Past, Present or Future?
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