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November 30, 2015
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Pritesh Patel 3We recently featured Pritesh Patel along with his 7 amazingly surreal smartphone photographs, which awed and inspired you just just as much as they did us. Indeed, several of you asked for a “How to” to be able to learn to make your very own unique pictures with your Lumia. You know what: he delivered. Pritesh has actually assembled an in-depth guide that tells you everything you need to find out about their modifying process. Read on and soon you’ll be producing unique pictures that turn your crazy, ideas into reality. Now, over to the man himself.

Pritesh Patel 7Creativity is the transformation of a unique idea into possible. Relating to myself, switching the craziest and weirdest idea into a photograph is creativity. A good thing about photography is the fact that it’s simpler than videography. We simply have to deal with getting a single frame. Noise also simple? Really, to be honest, it’s simpler than you might think but before you decide to embark on your trip of switching extraordinary tips into photographs, there’s one piece of gear that’s just like essential as an original concept: a tripod!

The photos i really do should never be a single shot. They are the mix of multiple shots, which is why they're so catchy. These multiple shots must certanly be extracted from the very same spot, which’s where the Tripod is available in handy.Pritesh Patel subjective and background Shots may be taken handheld also, nonetheless it’s suggested getting a sturdy tripod so we could strike some thing called ‘Accuracy and Precision’.

Today, the idea is to just take two pictures from very same spot. The initial picture must be a subjective photo that involves a person or whatever destination you decide on. The next picture should be a background chance.

The above mentioned theoretical understanding is quite bouncy, therefore let’s take a good look at a few examples of my photographs.Pritesh Patel action 1 I’ll be giving detail by detail explanations for one of my shots and a “How to” for double exposure shots too.

You start with certainly one of my hottest shots, one step in my Frame:

This image is a mixture of two pictures. Take a good look at both the subjective and background shots below.

Now you understand the 2 kinds of photos you may need, let’s jump into the modifying procedure. To edit you’ll need Photoshop. Only joking! Windows Phone shop has blessed united states with a fantastic software called Fantasia Painter which effective at operating like Photoshop. Let’s simply take a closer go through the steps tangled up in modifying.

Pritesh Patel screenshot 2 lean align Lean align, subjective and background global warming
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Lenore In Corridor 4114 | Surreal Picture - WARNING!
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