Dark Surreal Artists

June 20, 2022
Yoann Penard
The Lake

This singer exhibit features the job of Daniele Valeriani, whoever works have always been dedicated to the wonders of nature and science fiction. Explaining his are ‘Dark Surreal Art’, he's created work for some well-known groups, including deep Funeral and Dissection.

Whenever performed your interest in art/creating begin?

Within my childhood. My dad ended up being a Surrealist painter and I adored so much watching him while he painted. I really could say We observed inside the footsteps from an earlier age. !Vanitas 1 it is therapeutic for me personally to scribble in some recoverable format although as time passes I’ve moved entirely onto digital art. I feel convenient with-it because it’s more instant – not too it is more easy, but I can understand eventually if an illustration features a certain prospective or otherwise not. I recall when I ended up being a just a kid that We literally ate a few my father’s publications about Bosch and Salvador Dalì. I however keep those publications filled with doodles every now and then. Not just the Flemish painters and Surrealists have inspired me personally; I’ve lost myself in publications about nature (nutrients, insects, shells, flowers) as well. The contemplation of nature ended up being my main thrust and it had been songs. I will confidently state that art elected me personally once I was born while the same influences of the past remain present these days.

What is your kick off point for every piece?

Typically we begin from some very coarse sketches written down or maybe even a raw digital work, just having fun with splashes of colour before work emerges. Even for my 3D works we don’t make use of an orthodox strategy, leaving everything dictated in the first instance until a far more logical part of me personally emerges to influence a certain order.

Vanitas 3Who/what affects your work?

When I discussed earlier my father’s impact ended up being important as a result of many hereditary interests however, if I'd to mention some music artists particularly naturally HR Giger, along with Bosch, Dalì, Beksinski together with great Master Agostino Arrivabene with who I have had the fortune and honour to the office much more than celebration.

Exactly what do you hope the viewer gets from your own work?

As a whole, perhaps not indifference. I really do the thing I do since it is important for myself. My thoughts are also crowded becoming home of many fantasies and realities that i'd wind up bursting.Landscape 1 It’s ways to exorcise and do exercises my fantasies, my fantasy trips. Sometimes I have various reactions after the work is done so it's difficult to answer properly. If only my works encourage other musicians and artists also. Appreciation off their masters and cultural trade together is what fulfills myself more. The greater you grow the greater you understand every time, this can be my definitive goal.

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Source: kdoutsiderart.com
Sinfuledge - Cry (Dark Surreal Art)
Sinfuledge - Cry (Dark Surreal Art)
Bleeding Tears - Dark & Surreal Charcoal Drawing
Bleeding Tears - Dark & Surreal Charcoal Drawing
Inner Demons - Surreal, dark speedpaint
Inner Demons - Surreal, dark speedpaint
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