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September 29, 2018
Surreal Digital Art - Surreal


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The digital art Stefan Krische, AKA Gestucks, wears its influences on its sleeve. If the musician is animating their own version of Dalí's The Persistence of Memory, or visually remembering the impossible globes of M.C. Escher, it's clear he's impressed by the great graphic artists and surrealists whom emerged before him. their work uses inside their footsteps, and is fantastical and darkly entertaining. It's also mesmerizing and remarkably diverse, whether he is depicting a person with a head made from human being fingers, that includes hands for locks, or blending Escher with Pink Floyd for an army of men that are also actually bricks in a wall.

Krische learned archictecture, taught himself to make use of 3D programs, and it has worked as a freelancer in architectural modelling and visualizations. "more often than not we you will need to recognize my jobs computer-aided (Cinema4D, Arion, Zbrush, Sculptris) but whether the production is electronic or real is based on the project it self (and my spending plan), " he writes. "i do believe lots of my work is about human being behavior, communications with [ourselves and our] environment, while the effects of it."

"Right now i am residing Vienna, working at home on a beanbag in front of my Computer, next to my dog Gonzo. While moving I destroyed my chair and did not are able to get a fresh one."

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