Surreal eyes

October 15, 2021
Surreal Eye by yasmin-elad

The 999 Eyes Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow clearly celebrates genuine genetic diversity by exhibiting amazing feats carried out by LIVING HUMAN ODDITIES! The freaks share genuine tales of exactly what it is similar to to-be produced undoubtedly different from the average 10-fingered and 10-toed genetic blueprint for humanity – providing people from all corners to be able to realize understanding different in gorgeous. We current as guests personal Marvels and Sideshow musicians, like Katzen the Tiger woman and Eric Odditorium the Sword Swallower with regards to their extraordinary sideshow abilities. In the 999 Eyes show, one must be created literally and clearly distinct from almost all humanity becoming considered a real nut. Freaks are performers who choose by their particular no-cost might to celebrate their health anomaly on-stage. The 999 Eyes supports legal rights for differently-abled individuals, and we perform just in wheelchair obtainable venues.

By acknowledging carnival sideshow history the 999 Eyes empowers communities with alluring, inventive, and fearless displays of imagination and dream! The 999 Eyes show not only provides a spot for roving gypsy carnival performers and “human curiosities” to express their art but additionally provides a breeding ground which revives and highlights the truly amazing performers and freaks of the past – and their particular true-life stories! Utilizing olde-tyme songs, vaudevillian skits, tale telling along with classic carnival sideshow acts and gratification, some sort of is done that taps into serious feeling, reminding the AUDIENCE associated with actualization regarding the living fantasy. The 999 EYES brings the AUDIENCE into a world where in fact the unusual and strange are beautiful. In addition, thus giving the “human curiosities” associated with modern age a venue to-be really appreciated yet again – celebrating genuine hereditary diversity.

Missing in time, concealed at nighttime corners as well as in the dusty shelves of old guide shops, in basements of libraries and galleries, lies the fabulous, fantastical reputation for the carnival sideshow – a time as soon as the in a different way formed had been glamorized included in a traveling caravan rather than locked up in establishments. A time whenever there was clearly a place and place for amazing performers in the future collectively in a gypsy caravan style and alter the environment of town around them – reminding men and women there clearly was one other way of life and relieving folks of their everyday routines – reminding all of them of this energy of magic and imagination. The roots of radical imaginative moves nowadays tend to be deeply connected because of the carnival sideshows of the past…

The 999 Eyes is a collaborative carnival art troupe is co-created with many fabulous people – RESIDING HUMAN ODDITIES, performers, magicians, sideshow music artists, clowns, authors, professionals – all of which deals with the troupe’s routines, props, banners, and costumes collectively. Each tv show is co-created, with input from freaks plus everyone. 999 Eyes tours selectively, often displaying the 999 Eyes Museum ov Mutantstrosities, a traditional American Dime Museum, detailed with Patches the two-headed cow, pickled punks, oddities from around the planet, and displays that tell the real history for the nut tv show.

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EYES Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow BTS
999 EYES Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow BTS
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