Elements of Surrealism

Elements Of Surrealism And

Look at photos above and below, do they hit you as familiar? That feeling of having come across all of them before originates from the fact their particular creator, Thomas Lövgren, has actually combined various creative designs to produce these pictures in a string called Chameleon.

Influenced by the “smooth and curved forms” present Salvador Dalí paintings, combined with the abstract types of Picasso and Kandinsky and a dash of Gaudi—as Lövgren explains over on his website—the show is manufactured making use of a custom generative software. “The art is made up by generative shapes, freehand brush-drawings, splash & drip-effects etc. The digital synthesis are typical generated, composed and arranged because of the user/artist at run-time.”

He used this system to help make the video below and over 200 images “with a variety of expressions in the field of unique abstract art.” The outcomes lead to an uncannily styled variety of images that have echoes of the fantasy forms of Surrealism while the spritely forms present in Kandinsky’s work.

Source: thecreatorsproject.vice.com


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