Surreal Portrait Paintings

Surreal Portrait Paintings by

Dubbed the “Queen of dual Eyes, ” artist Alex Garant illustrates breathtaking ladies being multi-eyed as well as in two fold vision. The gorgeously-painted oil portraits have actually facial features that are increased and offset from another. This distortion of eyes, noses, and mouths tends to make this lady realistic-looking topics look unfocused as his or her bodies tend to be coupled with geometric patterns and Art Nouveau-esque flourishes.

Aside from the blurred-vision portraits, Garant features less dizzying works in which ladies just have an extra group of eyes. Noses, mouths, and other qualities stay similar. In some of the pictures, she’s fused graphic, decorative designs with their epidermis which can be similar to tattoos.

Garant finds inspiration during the early ink printing, vintage pop surrealism, baroque tapestries, and retro kitsch. And though the portraits use old-fashioned oil artwork strategies, they feel contemporary and fresh. Her patterns, replication, and artistic confusion engage us – we can’t help but take a peek.



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