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Cabaret Voltaire, Switzerland, Copyright: picture alliance/dpa/T. Burmeister Getty Images/D. KitwoodFor the unitiated, it most likely thought like a madhouse – but it was the beginning of a whole new art activity – or in other words, as they labeled as it, anti-art.

Their cabaret was named following the author of French Enlightenment, Voltaire, who also specialized in assaulting the organization and it is most famous for their philosophical satire, “Candide, or Optimism.”

Dada, the anarchist’s response to initial World War

Couple of years into World War I, appalled by the bloody conflict, designers from Cologne, Berlin, nyc, Paris, Moscow or Budapest all collected in simple Zurich. It had been probably the most international creative movement however. Its individualist people all united under a typical desire to offer an artistic a reaction to the absurdity of war.

In accordance with some reports, title for the anarchist movement “Dada” was discovered by coincidence in a French-German dictionary and suggests “hobbyhorse.” Adding to the absurdity for the name – and rendering it much more appropriate the group – additionally were the make of a Swiss product against hair loss.

There after, a urinal might be called art: Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”

After the war, Dadaism managed to move on from Zurich to significant cultural centers on the planet.

Tristan Tzara had been the primary promotor associated with action in Paris, joined by André Breton. Kurt Schwitters developed his own interpretation of Dada in Hanover, naming it Merz. Berlin Dadaists attacked the Church and also the State.

Marcel Duchamp changed forever the meaning of art along with his “readymades.” Hans Richter transposed the brand new esthetics in the experimental movies.

Under André Breton’s management, the Parisian Dada motion split and transitioned onto Surrealism. The action died out.



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