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Blog - Where is Mama, Dada (Refuse the hour)In 1973 William Kentridge endured before me from the wits library yards and revealed he wished to use me. He was very slim, with jet-black tresses, and impacted a bowler hat. This appeared like sufficient suggestion.
Soon, and numerous wonderful witsies, we had been collaborating on many tasks.
In 1975 Kentridge hopped off the balcony when you look at the Nunnery Theatre (level one) dressed as a bear. He was an actor in my rather frivolous form of Ubu Roi which he in addition created. By 1976 we were founder members of Junction Avenue Theatre business generating the Fantastical History of a Useless guy. Kentridge proceeded to act in, co- compose and design numerous Junction Avenue projects. Brown paper became the medium while he designed a number of backdrops for Sophiatown.
In 1978 William acted in and designed my production of Tom Stoppard’s Travesties, so we engaged playfully because of the tips of Lenin, Tristan Tzara and Oscar Wilde and lots of various other musicians and thinkers of this period. Revolutionary interests, involved art, Narcissism and Dadaism supplied a heady mix, plus our commune in Junction Avenue, Parktown we raged against one another.
Should art be governmental? How? Just what did Russian Formalism must teach us? Could we pull plans away from a hat, given that Dadaists wanted, surrendering reasoning and connection to the arbitrary or even the magically disconnected? What did it suggest become a-south African musician?
In Travesties, Kentridge designed and played the the main famous Dadaist, Tristan Tzara, very proudly using a white suit. Before our eyes, or more it appeared, the suit wondrously transformed since it became covered in Dadaist affected figures and letters.
When I watch extracts from Refuse the hr, Im witnessing a thirty year journey quite brilliant creativity. As an actor, as a writer, as a designer, as a director, as an artist, as a film maker, Kentridge has long been rigorously playing in the edge. It really is with great enjoyment that people at Market Theatre welcome this extraordinary a number of tasks and performances.



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