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Bluey2012-B_W-final.jpgMention title Incognito to your normal heart lover— particularly in Atlanta — and you’ll undoubtedly get a huge, cheesy grin in response.

The UK-based musical organization — helmed by musician/producer/songwriter Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick — happens to be making a number of the genre’s many beloved songs since hitting the scene in 1980.

That kitties have not been the nature to rest on their laurels; where some groups with this type of history tend to be content to just coast on catalog material, Bluey & Co. have actually apparently never ended pumping completely new music (including remixed songs by other artists). Indeed, the band’s latest CD, Surreal, strikes stores Tues., March 27 (featuring the very first single “Goodbye to Yesterday”).

On top of that, a couple days following the brand new project falls, the musical organization strikes the road once more on another global trip — making a two-night remain in Atlanta on April 6 and 7.

But before Incognito commences on a music globe-trot, we checked in with Bluey via phone and got the lowdown in regards to the brand-new CD and substantially more.

Creative Loafing: What’s the style behind your most recent record album?

Bluey: Well this record marks a fresh beginning for me … it feels as though the termination of a part therefore the start of some other one. Which’s considering exactly what occurred regarding the last record album. The last record album, Transatlantic RPM, allowed me to make use of many people that were truly near the top of the music echelon — the individuals that I listened to, you realize, like Chaka Khan, Leon Ware … i truly thought that possibly from here on is the time and energy to develop teenagers — 18, 20 12 months olds … and use the touring musical organization closer and even allow myself to publish along with other people. It noted a change with Incognito. And I also believe as a result of that album has its own noise.

Ended up being your aspire to utilize more youthful artists according to a feeling that younger years weren’t listening to the sort of songs you generate?

Oh certainly. If you were into the studio about this record, might have laughed once or twice. I was using a 22-year-old percussionist who’d never ever heard about Curtis Mayfield … because he came from Portugal via China … he’d been playing other stuff. His introduction to things like Curtis Mayfield was with this record. Therefore, it was very strange, you understand, after years of this formative songs which had really already been the information and knowledge i must placed into this music, launching that to a different generation … it was amazing for me, but joyful.

Well, Incognito features positively remained relevant over the years — and element of that’s as a result of numerous remixes you’ve had the oppertunity to create. What’s the difference, from an innovative perspective, between doing a remix and composing an Incognito song?

My first thing is, this [does not merely need to] utilize an Incognito market … or with my real time audience. Whenever I’m making my personal songs, I’m thinking it has got to make a connection whenever I perform this real time. That’s where I’m. That’s in which i-come from. That’s my all-natural procedure. But if I’m performing a remix, it’s Bluey back the groups from back the occasions when I always go truth be told there to simply listen to tunes and party to them … it’s about, “how may I make this tune operate in the groups?” And what type of clubs? Do we want a soulful home thing or a deep home thing, or do we wish a thing that’s much more jazz and broken-beat? This will depend. Various performers do various things, and I do-all of the things.

Speaking of the real time aspect, exactly what can folks anticipate through the live show?

In the usa, at the very least a 3rd for the record should be heard — because that’s just what you’re marketing and that’s exactly what you’re worked up about, that’s just what keeps you going. However the power of that which we would added those songs, even although you … basically hearing it the very first time … it’s nonetheless reached strike you in your instinct, however prompt you to boogie whilst still being move you to would you like to toss the hands floating around.

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