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Step 6

In this tutorial, i am going to show you how exactly to develop a surreal, mini portrait using some photographs that we shot from a tutorial on Tuts+. In the process, i am going to describe a few photo manipulation processes to create a realistic image illustration. Let’s get started.

Tutorial Assets

You will require these photos to accomplish this guide

Step One

Start both background photos and place them in to the same document as layers.


Make sure the picture regarding the pressed key is on the top level. It is possible to either click and pull the layer on top of the other inside Layers panel, or use Command/Ctrl-[ or Command/Ctrl-] to move the levels up and down. I made a decision to identify underneath level BG, and also the level above it BG – finger. It must look like this:

Step Three

Create a Layer Mask for BG-Finger level. The Mask key is based at the end of this Layers panel.

PianoTut-FoundationHit B to pick the Brush device and then make a tough, large brush. Make sure your foreground Colour is Ebony and Opacity is placed to 100percent. Start to color across little finger, along with the shadow the hand has created. While you are painting, be sure to choose the layer mask initially.

2. Put the Model

After hiding from hand, you need to will have a pleasant clean picture regarding the piano and lowered key. It is currently time for you start placing the model.

Open the model file and paste it to the document. This can develop its own layer. Make certain it is the top level. Identify it Model

Utilize the Quick Selection (W) tool and commence to choose the design’s figure. There are various techniques to select and separate items in Photoshop, but also for this guide, i’ll demonstrate the Quick Selection and Refine Edge means. Go ahead and utilize the method you will be preferred with.

PianoTut-MaskFinger-layersStep 3

As you consistently choose the design’s figure, the Quick Selection tool might inadvertently grab some back ground, also. This will be normal. To correct this, make your brush somewhat smaller and make use of the Alt/Opt switch to control the plus and minus for the choice. Your selection should seem like this.

Step Four

Once your choice is full, go through the Refine Edge button which positioned just above the picture.

PianoTut-MaskFingerNote: you’ll want the fast Selection tool active because of this key to show up.

Step 5

Refine Edge will open up a selection with a bunch of choices. Beginning with the utmost effective, change your view to On levels. Select Smart Radius and take it as much as about 3 or 4 pixels. Smooth the advantage by about 20. Choose Decontaminate Colors and ouptut to New Layer with Layer Mask. Click OK.

Action 6

Once you click okay, you will see that you should have a duplicate of design, which layer could have provided you a mask of your selection. This method will sometimes leave some places that want some coming in contact with up. No problem. Zoom in and employ a hard brush with 100% Opacity, along with the layer mask chosen, simply paint away the extra as if you did in initial step.

Pick your design level and press Command/Ctrl-T (free change). You’ll see a box form across the model. While holding Shift, click and drag among the sides down through to the design may be the proper size. Hit enter.

Place the design within the appropriate area after the main element.

With this to check practical, we need to include a shadow behind the model, but very first we need to mask down a bit of the design’s knee so that it seems to be behind the main element. Choose a tiny, hard circular brush and paint away a number of the thigh.

Pianoman-modellayer PianoTut-Refineedge PianoTut-ModelRefinement PianoTut-MaskmodelSource:


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