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Uyuni Salar Salt Flats in BoliviaOne of the very most striking geological marvels Bolivia offers could be the Uyuni Salt Flats. This child of primitive ponds, using its peaks of old submerged volcanoes named ‘islands’ and carved by erosion into a delicate filigree, its brine lake under a salt crust, picturesque lagoons in which flamingos breed, and huge cacti, deserves a spot from the record. During the rainy period, a light layer of liquid converts it into a huge mirror, therefore’s expanse and flatness causes it to be much more preferable for calibrating satellites compared to oceans. Multi-day tours of Uyuni do not just include the world’s largest sodium flats themselves, additionally the unique surrounding landscape, marked by gigantic cacti, red and green lagoons, feeding flamingos, ‘islands’ of prehistoric red coral, shooting geysers, accommodations made completely of salt, and strange eroded rock structures.

Found at 11, 995 foot above sea-level in the Bolivian large plateau, or altiplano, Uyuni may be the largest sodium wilderness on earth, with 10 billion a lot of salt and 50-70percent regarding the world’s lithium reserves concentrated with its underground brine lake. Pirwa Travel offers both full time and 3 time trips associated with the unrivaled Salt Flats leave by 4×4 through the town of Uyuni, but we fiercely genuinely believe that it’s really worth trading the full time in using a multi-day journey that may take you in to the surrounding landscape.

The very first stop during most trips is the train cemetery, positioned close to the city of Uyuni. The neighborhood railway had been constructed nearby the end regarding the 1800s, but suffered regular sabotage by native Aymara. The trains had been sooner or later abandoned in the mid-1900s whenever mining collapsed.Uyuni Salar Salt Flats in Bolivia Continuing on, one finds the one-street town of Colchani, whose residents, arranged into a cooperative, will be the just men and women allowed to collect salt from Uyuni. Visitors can observe the traditional, austere practices they normally use also acquisition a number of salt-based artisanal goods.

From Colchani, one certainly goes into the white expanse that comprises Uyuni Salar proper.Uyuni Salar Salt Flats in Bolivia Most visitors use the impressive flatness for the Salar (which can be so reliable that scientists put it to use for satellite calibrations) to take souvenir photographs using perspective. The expanse is certainly not total but because’s occasionally interrupted by ‘islands’. These aren’t real countries, but alternatively the peaks of old volcanoes which once dominated the landscape but had been sooner or later submerged by a huge primitive lake, Lake Minchin. These strange and delicate structures resemble coral and brag build up of fossils and algae. These are typically house to giant cacti, some since high as 39ft, as well as rabbit-like vizcacha colonies.

Uyuni Salar Salt Flats in Bolivia Uyuni Salar Salt Flats in Bolivia

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