Merkur Vision VS Futur


Merkur Shaving Kit

Merkur of Solingen, in Germany, presently make three different adjustable razors, the Progress, the Futur and Vision. For the three the Progress is just about the many respectable, although it could be the most affordable and simplest. Shaving expert Mantic59, associated with famous videos (see above) and weblog claims it is their “personal daily razor”. Some accolade.

Nevertheless it just isn’t perfect and an American engineer set-to work to allow it to be therefore with a number of alterations. As he had done this he penned it up on a forum beneath the user title Mer. Demonstrably other people in the discussion board desired their development to be likewise enhanced so Mer finished up achieving this for a chance. The modified shaver became referred to as Mergress. It is probably the best double-edged shaver in the world.

Then, naturally, men and women desired to purchase a brand new Mergress. This was getting excessively for Mer so he handed your whole brand-new razor company up to Lee’s safety razors in the us, who sells all of them for $89.95. There are two main designs, the standard Mergress plus the XL, which includes an extended adjustment knob (and for that reason an extended handle) which makes the razor simpler to manage.

Now you can’t just phone up Lee’s and order one of these, because he is typically out of stock. Interest in the Mergress is much more as compared to offer. Mer nevertheless makes each razor himself, in tiny batches. And so the system is to tell Lee’s that you will be interested. Then when a batch will come in they email everybody else who may have signed up intent to let them understand. Whereupon it is first come, first served.

Because of the miracle of telepathy my spouse realised that a Mergress XL will make good personal gift for me personally by pure serendipity Mer made a batch simply in time the crucial day, it arrived with only times to spare. Clearly we used it for the first time back at my birthday and I must acknowledge it is an impressive shaver.



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