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Style Debate Retro vs Modern

If you’re like us, then you’ve already bought your tickets for The Hunger Games motion picture, even though it doesn’t open until the 23rd. There’s no pity in that. We’ll additionally cop to spending a fair of amount of time clicking around on Capitol Couture, a promotional web site dedicated to the style within the film, especially the sartorial whims for the citizens of District 1. While we all anxiously wait to see if version associated with guide life around what we had pictured inside our minds, how about revisiting some of the most interesting futuristic movie style that is already graced the top display? From Blade Runner to Tank woman, we’ve rounded up some our individual preferences following the jump; leave yours within the responses.

Blade Runner – La, 2019

Of all the fantastic, retro futuristic costumes that Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan designed for Blade Runner, the ’40s movie noir-inspired seems that they assembled for replicant Rachael are the most popular — specially the impeccably tailored two-piece match pictured above. Simply glance at her arms! it is very nearly adequate to make a lady need develop becoming a genetically designed robot.



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