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menperhaps you have had the uncanny feeling you are walking aimlessly without balance or path, nearly as if you’re a young child understanding how to wobble for the first time? This strangely wonderful connection with foolishness could be the subject of professional photographer Patrice Letarnec’s series “hiking ugly.”

Utilizing the city of Paris as his backdrop, the French professional photographer captures a variety of men and women visiting and fro, just utilizing their arms to do this. The ensuing figures look like some thing between a gymnast, mutant and oompa loompa, making a surreal globe only slightly not the same as our own.

“the key idea would be to show the French phrase ‘marcher sur la tête’ – to do something foolishly, to go against common sense, which is just about that which we experience in the modern world, ” Letarnec explained in a contact into the Huffington Post. Whether the truth is here photographs as a journey through a surreal alternative world for which our foolishness takes actual kind, or a straightforward workout into the likelihood of the human body, you will definitely get a kick off these strangers going head over heels.

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