Surrealism is an issue that could be found almost anywhere in the sphere of popular culture.

Beginning from Salvador Dali who have depicted the fears of the World War in his paintings covering the misery and disgust under shiny colors, the tradition of ’glamouring’ the horrifying becomes more and more actual and up to date. But where those features could be found mostly? Apparently, in the news media.

The news making process has always been complex and multi stadia. Millions of people are occupied in creating news process. But are all those people professional? Do they always have proper education and skills to deliver news? Is the information provided by the news agencies always trustworthy? Well, I suppose, you already know the answer.

If you want to understand where does the news media go you have to refer to Doctor Who series, season 1, episode 7 ’Long game’. The far future of the human civilization is depicted there. All the plot is happening in the news station which is based on a satellite. There is only one news company which is monopolist in its scope and has full control on the process of news production and transmission. I really do not want to uncover all the mystery if you have never watched Doctor Who before. My main point is that there is always someone hiding behind the news. Someone, who has his own profit from the certain information delivered to all the ears of the world. People, who have watched the series perfectly understand what I mean. And what about those who have not watched them yet… Well, you really should, especially if you are interested in the modern surrealistic products.

You will never know which kind of reality is hidden under the bright picture on the TV or laptop screen. It is always vague and impossible to understand. Go to CNN, BBC or other news media and compare the style and type of information. Your mission is try to found out which is the message these companies give us. What do they want? What is their profit? What tools are they using to achieve their goals?

After you have answered these questions, write them down on a paper and put it on a place where you can always see it. On your fridge, for example. And don’t forget to read this paper aloud any time you here about ’breaking news’.

And do you know what is the most surrealistic about the news media? Most of the people will never know that they deal with surrealism.