Keeping It Surreal


A photograph by Erik Johansson

unique Tree Art by Renee KeithI made the decision a while ago that i desired to spotlight surrealism, but didn’t find yourself taking the leap until recently. There are numerous times that i’ve imagined myself starting doorways to creativity during my head… this notion (the medial side profile of a face in a tree) found me and the must paint it had been overwhelming, I love that sensation… as long as I am not separated from my art materials for too much time. Occasionally we don’t have an automobile, and my art studio feels far, far away. Because of the surrealism show, I intend to create moods, use different techniques, play with color and ideas, etc.unique Desert - Art by Renee Keith What can I state, I am deeply in love with art!

Im presently working on my next painting that is a wilderness scene. Making it surreal, we changed the sky to a cactus, the cactus on wilderness plus the desert towards sky… together with cactus rose could be the sunlight. I happened to ben’t yes this painting would definitely exercise… but it is looking cooler as I add to it, hehe.

For the next painting, we held getting an image of a white mask in a moody wilderness back ground come to mind… with only one canvas kept for the moment, I happened to ben’t yes concerning the idea and then made a decision to simply do it! The impression for me personally while painting is the fact that to be man is only short-term, so when much as we try to remain right here (stretched area), we are only short-term (cracking away). It’s not done yet… and there is even more into picture than this photo uploaded below.

Surreal Art by Renee Keith Art by Renee Keith

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