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Landscape with ButterfliesI was reading the Montevidayo web log last week

whenever I came across the definition of “fake surrealism” and it also reminded me of one thing, but i possibly couldn’t keep in mind exactly what, then a fast google reminded me personally: Theater of this Absurd.

I familiar with really like ridiculous theater, since Ian Hunter sang about any of it on Quick straight back ‘n edges during the early 80s. It was mostly a forgettable record, unfortunately, as his record prior to it, You’re Never Alone with a Schizophrenic, though not a detailed utilization of the term, was their best work. How quickly things fall apart.

ANDRÉ BRETON (all in hats!), in 1924, from


(all in caps!):

“Beloved imagination, what I probab inside you can be your unsparing high quality.”

Unspare me personally, then. We googled “Fake Surrealism” additionally the first hit ended up being Montevidayo, but when I waded through a musical organization, Infinity’s Fake Surrealism (!), therefore the picture (below) from a web log published back in 09, i ran across Eugene Ionesco. I became thinking about Edward Albee, but this will do.

Here’s slightly on Ionesco (just in case).

Eugene Ionesco, the late denouncer of rhinoceritis, “the malady of conformity, ” in addition to daddy of absurdist theater, has, for nearly three decades, been sitting in Pantheon of contemporary classics. Into the 1950s, whenever his performs were largely misinterpreted or ridiculed by well-known experts and intellectuals for cacophony, ineptitude, pseudometaphysics, or phony surrealism, Rosette Lamont properly coined the expression “Metaphysical Farce” to define a dramatic genre which philosophical idea and governmental criticism had been concealed in wit and laughter of comedy. This dramatic mode came to be out from the inadequacy of the traditional styles of tragedy and comedy to portray a contemporary realm of mass killings, reification• of personal life, tyrannical powers, and “police encampments.” The farce, the grotesque, the irrational, theatrical illusion, caricatures, and parodies included a power of derision and a critique of language well adapted to “the humiliated physicality and ontological knowing of the post-Holocaust-Gulag globe.”

Lamont, a faithful admirer and an informative decoder of Ionesco’s movie theater, shows how parodies, caricatures, therefore the use of clichés function as artist’s irreverent debunking for the manipulating discourses of the world while intertextuality reactivates the absolute most visionary texts of Western culture. The encounter of Shakespeare’s Macbeth utilizing the French comic strip Les Pieds Nickeles, by way of example, causes a corrosive assault on political tyranny.

Perhaps not Surrealism, then, but Fake Surrealism. Then exactly what? Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” springs to mind. Because that’s what happens after that. History is formal in that way.

Breton: it isn’t driving a car of insanity that may oblige united states to go out of the flag of imagination furled.

The purpose for this post (because points are essential, the voices keep saying) is simply to express my brand-new favorite expression is “fake surrealism.” It will require on a regular basis one does not spend to decode it. To construct a curriculum for it, also to call it concern Studies.

Breton: not too quickly, there; I’m engaging in the region of therapy, an interest about that I will probably be cautious never to joke.

Because whatever is, can be a type of action. It shows one utilizing a hammer, although a bronzed videotape of 2001: A Space Odyssey is more suitable.

And which might the poets of Fake Surrealism be? Certainly. In my own brain it’s maybe not a derogatory term, the way in which United states Fake Realism, in my brain, would-be. It’s celebratory. Necessary, as position one of dance four.



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