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The Monument, 2015. Acrylic on Panel. 36 × 36 in (91.4 × 91.4 cm). All photos courtesy Jenn Singer Gallery

With Cuban-American relations setting up, enough time has never already been more ready for creative cross-pollination. With four museum programs, a clothing collection, and a solid following of art enthusiasts, 28-year-old Miami-based Cuban artist Juan Travieso plants their roots profoundly to the United states art scene, and the outcomes marry Pop art with surrealism and environmentalism. Travieso now has actually a solo program at nyc’s Jenn Singer Gallery, Little Robot [Future Loading]. In these brand new paintings, he “deftly utilizes their enthusiasm for shade as a prolific language to jolt us into facing one feasible road of our provided unsure future: a world so sidetracked by technology that people have actually senselessly pushed practically all creatures into endless extinction, permanently altering our planet.”

This focus on environmental problems is typical of his work: Travieso has an ongoing group of paintings of endangered birds, made in the hope that the sheer few paintings will successfully communicate the truly amazing loss. Drawing on their experiences of nature and youth, he claims inside the web biography, “what had been before abstractions getting together with vanishing pets, are now numbers of disappearing and changing ideologies and tradition.”

Blood Ivory, 2015. Oil and acrylic on fabric. 36 × 36 in (91.4 × 91.4 cm)

The exhibit, specifically, revolves around an artwork of a little boy, the so-called minimal Robot, “a futuristic representation of an innocent and hopeful youngster… viewing dioramas of types long lost.” Based on the official pr release, the paintings explore the “impermanence and decay of nature… To visually capture the fragility among these jeopardized pets, Travieso integrates pop music, realism, and abstraction, making his figures broken-up into areas and kinds like 3D models.”

The Creators venture spoke to Juan Travieso about immigration, imagination, and the creative process:

Eastern Predator, 2015. Acrylic and Gouache in writing. 17 × 14 in (43.2 × 35.6 cm)

The Creators venture: Your work incorporates plenty of environmental motifs. Will you be a part of everything regarding these problems beyond your art? Exactly what sparked your desire for this?

Juan Travieso: World Wildlife Fund is a vital cause of me—not only am I a supporter of the business, but I include creatures from their particular range of endangered types into my paintings.

I’m an activist in mind and want to know about and research as numerous environmental issues and problems threatening our future possible. My normal fascination sparks hours of research and interviews with other environmentalists, that leads towards the basis and development of every one of my paintings.

Endangered Bird #157, 2015. Acrylic & ink on yupo. 10 × 10 in (25.4 × 25.4 cm)

Is it possible to discuss the mix of super-modern Pop art design with natural pet imagery in your work?

The juxtaposition of my geometric forms with realism is empowered by my want to display the difference involving the normal globe therefore the man-made.

Grey Wolf, 2015. Micron in some recoverable format. 14 × 11 in (35.6 × 27.9 cm)

I read your understanding for color stemmed partially from growing up in Cuba whenever art supplies had been limited. Exactly how else features your upbringing impacted the images within work?

In Cuba, a communist society, everything is censored and you have to be mindful of everything you tell protect yourself. Your very presence is threatened only for expressing your truth—for becoming who you really are. My compassion for endangered pets stems from this. Imagine roaming a forest being slaughtered just for existing inside normal habitat. Becoming eradicated as a result of what you’re. The Cuban men and women, under communist control, come in similar boat as they animals—powerless, silenced and virtually starving.

My Cuban upbringing had been really small also it assisted myself appreciate just of the things I performed have. Whenever I stumbled on the US along with more choices inside my disposal, whether or not it ended up being art products or accessibility information and sources, I became hopeless to-draw and color as much as I could. I don’t simply want to color one species; I would like to decorate ALL the types being endangered to improve understanding and provide my audience usage of my enthusiasm of advertising this global dilemma of endangerment, whether governmental or natural, which threatens our extremely existence.

Endangered Bird #135a, 2015. Mixed Media. 10 × 10 in (25.4 × 25.4 cm)

Performed your projects modification once you relocated to the US? This basically means, just how performed the immigration experience influence your work (if it performed)?

We moved right here once I ended up being 10 years old, so I didn’t theoretically have actually work yet. However, I was attracting cartoons in those days on the basis of the 30 minutes per day Cuban TV broadcast Russian, Polish and Cuban cartoons that have been accessible to view. When you first immigrate to a country where you don’t talk or comprehend the language, you are feeling like you’re additional silenced and from another globe. But all of a sudden, I’d use of all this work product to work well with, which encouraged me to draw even more, and generated myself becoming an artist. I happened to be enthusiastic about libraries—we performedn’t have got all associated with publications and encyclopedias US libraries have. I happened to be in a position to read and learn such after arriving here, taking in information at an instant speed. I really couldn’t get adequate and it also fed my want to create.

The Small Robot, 2015. Acrylic on Panel. 18 × 18 in (45.7 × 45.7 cm)

A great deal of work is concerned with pet conservation. Would you say you like nature to guy?

Our company is nature. Man are unable to continue to exist without keeping & protecting it. Humans are conditioned to believe that it’s us against nature, which we must battle it. But our company is battling against ourselves. We’re destroying our earth and it will in the course of time destroy us whenever we don’t look after it.

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