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Baker Hesseldenz - 1st Annual

i have had occasions when I coated surrounded by celebrating individuals, I liked it until it pulled myself down a bit. Today my life became extremely lonely but i love it, i do believe it really is a selection not endless, things are constantly switching. the folks also.

Which imaginative method would you love to pursue but haven’t however?

I would opt for cartoon, but it’s demanding and time consuming, the last brief movie took 36 months and at when i favor my personal experience of the fabric.

Do you have any ideas or inspiring terms for other individuals? Possibly advice for beginning performers available to you?

I do not feel authorized to offer tips, I’m able to inform to other individuals only what I told to myself: Look inside of you.

Your chosen estimate is …
The worst usually we know that behind your order of the globe there are various other. (Antonin Artaud)

What are you performing when you’re not creating? Exactly what (other) hobbies have you got?
I like to view the stars, stick to the action associated with the constellations, i am an amateur astronomer, I’m sure the area of this movie stars, the planets and also the constellations and I also love to get this. In addition apply meditation and I play a mini- theremin. I would like to study more these aspects.

Have you got an online portfolio or a blog site where we can see your projects?

Yes, i’ve two blogs and Twitter web page:



Will there be other things you’d prefer to say? Will there be any project you will be working on right now or any continuous occasion or event you’d like to tell our visitors?

I am just focusing on a set for a solo show plus one work for a bunch show. Today that is my show: “Hopi desires in Strawberry Fields” in Fousion Gallery in Barcelona until September very first.
I would like to thank Peca for meeting and now we want her just the most readily useful with her art career, we wish the woman lot of surreal ambitions, love and strawberries ♥

Source: www.ohsosurreal.com


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