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let us get along to brass tacks here, I get the strange hilarious. The first Ren and Stimpy symptoms (made before Kricfalusi ended up being unceremoniously canned) using their space-madness, hairball production lines and plastic walrus protectors, had been delicious nuggets of comic genius every single one. The nightmarish Eraserhead had me giggling til milk arrived on the scene my nostrils in theater scientific studies, which was strange since I have ended up being consuming Pepsi during the time. Assuming I experienced to select a religion/cult to check out I would go with whatever that lizard conspiracy material David Icke’s into, you realize, only for the laffs. So it should come as no real surprise that I Have always been tickled whenever strange material happens in videogames, while the following is a tribute to those fond, frustrating thoughts…

Psycho Fox – One Crazy-Ass Iceberg

Unsurprisingly, most of the strangest games I played appear to have result from the international gaming marketplace *cough!* Japan!! *cough!*. As an impressionable kid for the eighties, my first memorable encounter with video gaming weirdness ended up being while playing the garish Psycho Fox. This was pretty screwy through the get go, but just insofar as most platformers of the time had been. Playing the eponymous Mr. P Fox, you got about punching shellfish, stomping strange brain things with feet and cups into the ground, and beating the misleadingly called ‘Poontan’. The hook is that you can utilize Shinto sticks to transform into either a tiger, monkey or hippopotamus, based just what the situation requires. Whilst the handbook explains, you’re embroiled in some unholy fox-worshipping fiasco where an evil fox priest (will there be virtually any type?) happens to be “successfully in a position to overcome a country for his very own bad reasons.” Spookily prescient because of the uncanny similarities between the Diabolical Desert area and Iraq, but I digress…



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