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Climate change, drought, air pollution, increasing sea amounts, habitat destruction—the planet’s environmental crises tend to be obscufated by buzzwords, fake debate, dystopian angst, and politics making it difficult to really hold the concepts in your mind, not to mention talk about. Enter Belgian-Beninese professional photographer Fabrice Monteiro, whoever brand-new series The Prophecy utilizes fancy costumes and units to place faces and individual bodies from the dilemmas dealing with the whole world.

Monteiro’s work shines a limelight of many areas of life in Africa, from antiquated servant irons, towards perceotion of albino Africans, to fashion photographs. Using The Prophecy, their goal is to make important ecological dilemmas accessible for all viewers. “I wanted generate a tale for children, ” Monteiro says in a documentary about the task. “For that I had to construct a bridge between art and tradition.” Working with designer Jah Gal, he journeyed through Senegal generate 10 surreal characters that look like spirits from the apocalypse, which inturn is not that far-off from their particular real inspirations.

“Here, it’s our culture to trust in Djinns. Therefore we rely on them, ” Gal says in the same quick film. “Every forbidden thing is shielded by a Djinn. however now with prograss and religions that originated in overseas we forgot only a little about those beliefs.” Designs tend to be wrapped in garbage or debris littering the location, and framed by samples of numerous transgressions up against the African wilderness—think runoff from an area slaughterhouse poisoning the ocean, big cars and coal fires polluting the environment, and slash-and-burn agriculture sterilizing the land.

Gal and Monteiro caused the environmentally-centered crowdfunding system Ecofund to invest in and distribute the show, which is now on screen in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art through October 25. Take a look at the Prophecy and a making-of documentary below.



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