Salvador Dali Surreal Art


The Persistence of Memory

The Dali seeks to create a positive change in the neighborhood by acknowledging the part our art instructors play in their pupils’ development, and also by encouraging students to continue checking out new some ideas and innovative reasoning in every areas of training. Within the Dali’s scholar Surrealist Art Exhibits, students explore multiple media such as for instance attracting, collage, watercolor, acrylic, digital photography and blended media.

This year’s theme: “Psyched Out: Reinvented Myths”
Surrealism drew in familiar urban myths along with created new fables to be able to comprehend the real human psyche. Sigmund Freud, daddy of modern-day psychology and hero to Surrealists, saw ancient greek language and Roman myths as bearers of truth and ways to understand the mind. Dali frequently appropriated and changed well-known urban myths and tales in an effort to explore and symbolize individual experiences (Narcissus, William Tell, Oedipus Rex). This present year, we challenge students to explore the mythic within their daily globe, to recast some thing familiar into the mythic or to develop a fresh myth entirely. This exhibit is sectioned off into four split shows.

Hillsborough Students Exhibit
Feb 20 – March 22
March 3: Reception 6:30-8:30pm
Pinellas Students Exhibit
Mar 30 – April 26
Apr 7: Reception 6:30-8:30pm

Daliwood Movie Display & Competition
Might 1 – Summer 7

Florida Statewide Students Exhibit (Exhibit is on screen within the Raymond James Community place).

Other exhibitions: digital is photography A blended media and Digital in Student Projects.



Salvador Dali Art Classroom demonstration lessonSalvador Dali Art Classroom demonstration lessonSurreal ArtSurreal Art