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In the event that you’ve ever before yearned to see a relationship book labeled as “Juggalo’s Surrender, ” or view a daguerrotype of a 19th century “black steel pioneer” known as James “Diabolos” Holland, after that surreal Tumblr blog LiarTownUSA will be the location for you.

Produced by Sean Tejaratchi (@ShittingtonUK on Twitter), LiarTownUSA features Photoshop art based on everyday ephemera like strange vintage publications, photos, and fastfood menus.

Also, weirdly plausible Netflix summaries for terrible-sounding flicks like “TIME TEEN”:

“A stupid rip in the time-space whatever transports some girl who-the-hell-knows how long into some lame-ass future in which all things are therefore high in bullshit she literally cannot even believe it.”

LiarTownUSA is a master of making up magically terrible names. As in, don’t forget to save lots of area for anyone “pork brosnans, ” guys.

The truth is, some LiarTownUSA pieces tend to be vaguely funny independently. But looking at the weblog all together, you obtain lulled into circumstances of semi-appalled hilarity. One nonsensical Ryan Gosling movie poster has a certain “WTF” element, but eight? Every little thing published by LiarTownUSA is virtually one thing you’d expect to see on the Tumblr dash, like a TV screencap, or an ugly vintage book, or CD cover. Unless you realise that TV show stars “Vern Juckles, Tuna Mugabe, Beef Brennan, Beffy Shawsquatch, and Hasbro Vermeer.”