Surreal Tattoos



Istanbul-based artist Okan Uçkun composes stunning tattoos using minimal levels of outlines and ink. The simple, monochromatic body art combines strong geometric shapes with naturalistic topics such as for instance bugs, trees, and creatures, designed to use a stipple technique to give them a three-dimensional appearance. Collectively, the flat and practical designs develop surreal tattoos whoever imagery departs all of them open for imaginative explanation.

Uçkun’s special tattoos are the result of their meticulous process. He’s motivated by many people things besides body art—like posters, records, areas, logos, and visuals—so he asks his consumers to provide him many different these images to utilize as working reference. Uçkun in addition tailors their styles toward specific individual and requests their body measurements. From these, he prepares three designs, together with client decides the main one they desire as a tattoo.

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